Here are some questions about sightseeing and things to experience in Tokyo gathered from the campaign!

I would like to experience all the amazing food, especially ramen!

Food! I dont know any traditional Japanese dishes and want to know what to try.

Is there any Halal Japanese restaurants?

I want to learn how to make Edo Kiriko glass from a master!

Is there anywhere in Tokyo I can experience ame zaiku (candy making)?

I would like to experience making Japanese sweets!

I want to wear a kimono and take a ride in a rickshaw!

What shrines would you recommend to visit in Tokyo?

I would love to learn more about the Nihonbashi area!

I want to take a cycle tour along the river!

I want to learn more about Mount Takao!

Are there any easy day trips you can take from Tokyo?


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  • FOOD

    There are many fascinating restaurants in Tokyo! From traditional Japanese cuisine to the latest ramen joints, and trendy, photo-worthy sweets, here are three of the best places to go!


    Would you like to experience traditional Japanese craftsmanship? We'll show you three spots where you can experience making food samples, ame zaiku (Japanese candy crafts), and Edo Kiriko glass cutting! You can have fun trying your hand at making them while being taught by professional artisans!


    How about a day traveling through time in Tokyo? From wearing a kimono to touring the Asakusa in a rickshaw, we will show you three ways to make you feel as if you've traveled back in time. Learn more about the historical side of Tokyo through these experiences!


    Enjoy nature in Tokyo! Here are three recommended places for people who want to feel refreshed. Hiking, walking(※), and cycling... Which is your favorite activity? Reference this video on your next visit to Tokyo!

    ※Drinking alcohol, using sports equipment and musical instrument in the garden are prohibited.
    Learn more at the Shinjuku Gyoen website


Enjoy all of Tokyo’s charming and
photogenic spots!
Here are some recommended
spots and photos from the campaign!

  • FOOD

    Where is that mouthwatering smell coming from...? Many Tokyo cafes and restaurants offer unique and delicious meals! Calling all foodies and sweets lovers! Here are some recommended places for the theme of FOOD!


    How about a trip to experience Japanese culture from all angles? Tokyo is a city where traditional and modern culture intersect. Here are some recommended places for the theme of CULTURE!


    Want to learn more about the historical side of Tokyo? Follow us on a journey back in time through Tokyo! Here are some recommended places for the theme of HISTORY!


    Do you know any place full of nature in Tokyo? Besides the urban side with its tall buildings, there are many spots rich in nature! Here are some recommended places for the theme of NATURE!


You cannot visit the same Tokyo twice. The city is always changing in fun, unpredictable ways and creates new styles by mixing modernity and tradition, which is what the “Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New” logo and slogan are meant to communicate to travelers everywhere. Visit it today and discover YOUR Tokyo.
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